Chemolex Company have successfully worked with Precision Geo-Consultant Limited to carry out an elaborate site survey of 3 sites within Nairobi River. Based on the elaborate site visits and the advice from environmental experts working with National Environmental Authority, the Company has identified three sites within Nairobi River where the plastic wastes capture devices will be installed. Factors such as accessibility of the sites, the specific needs of the community, land policies, environmental concerns, and the distance to the nearest power source were considered. The three sites are close to informal settlements such as Kibera, Tassia and kariobangi which are the largest informal settlements that releases up to 2000 tons of wastes into River Nairobi. The sites are also close to major damp sites such as Dandora dumpsites in Embakasi Sub County that sprawls for over 30 acres of land. The area is characterized by high poverty, hunger, mortality, and pollution rates hence this initiative will significantly transform the areas. Currently, we have finished meeting the locals of the specific sites and identified more than 5 youth groups and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) who are interested in participating the project. The CBOs will be trained and assist in operating and securing the system which will reduce the operational costs of these systems.

Kibera Project Site

The Kibera Site is located at the GPS coordinate E252439N 9854478 is located at the heart of the Kibera Slums. Some of the main factors that have informed the selection of this site include the presence of huge amount of wastes (plastics+ other wastes) that is deposited in the river.

 There is also low levels of awareness on the importance of proper waste disposal as well as other valuable products that can be produced from the different types of wastes. The women that are currently unemployed in this particular area will assist Chemolex Company in installing, operating and securing the plastic wastes capture system. They will also be trained on business development particularly in waste management which will therefore improve significantly the socio-economic impacts of the project.

The specific location of the river is quite accessible as there is already tarmac road that leads to the river where we will install the plastic waste capture device. The flow at this site is normally very slow hence there is low risks of flooding during rainy seasons. Also, the river section experiences high water volume in August, September, and November when there is normally high rainfall.

Kariobangi Sites.

Kariobangi sites is in the Eastland part of Nairobi County within the GPS coordinates E264177N 9860276. The site is located at the downstream of River Nairobi hence carries all the wastes from major informal settlements such as Kariobangi, Huruma and Mathare North. The site is just close to the major road (Outering Roundabout hence quite accessible for regular waste collections and pickups. The area is also quite secure as Chemolex have established partnership with Keyambea Youth Group who will help in securing the device and collecting the plastics daily.

Currently, the river flow rate at this particular sites is approximately 55 m3/s(Nyika, 2018). In this regard, Chemolex Company will develop and install Plastic waste capture devices that can withstand the harsh climatic conditions such as flooding and heavy rains that is prevalent in this area in February-April and August-October.

Tassia Project Site (E 266132 N 9855959).

This site is located within Tassia Estate which is mostly an informal settlement in the Eastern part of Nairobi County. The site is within the downstream part of river Ngong/Mbagathi River that meets River Athi in Machakos County.

The site is close to the Embakasi Pipeline Dumpsite (on the downstream part) which is one of the biggest waste dumpsites in Eastern part of Nairobi. The river at this section flows very fast and its quite deep hence very ideal for installing the novel Plastic waste capture devices. The site is accessible through the main highway although we will transport the collected plastic wastes from the river using handcarts then transporting to central collection point.

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