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Solar Gen Project

Solar Gen is a novel initiative that consists of portable solar powered generators that are designed to meet the energy demands of various households and business that are off grid and in rural households.
These generators are designed using different power ratings such as 75kVA, 375 kVA and 500 kVA to cater for the varying energy requirements by different households and business. The portable generators are incorporated with the hyper efficient solar panels and Lithium ion batteries.

The incorporation of the lithium ion battery technology increases the life expectancy of the portable generators to 15 years. The technology also increases the energy and power density in the solar powered generators thereby reducing its weight and improving its flexibility and mobility. Based on the pilot testing of the solar powered generators, it was revealed that the battery technology can withstand a wide range of temperature hence adaptable to varying weather conditions in most African countries.

The solar powered portable generator is incorporated with smart monitoring system (SMS) that can assess the run time of the battery system and the health of the entire system remotely thereby enabling the company to have a clear picture of the health and operations of the system.

Solar Gen project also integrates a smart pay as you go system in its business model that enables the households and businesses in off-grid community to acquire the portable smart solar powered generators at a cost of $45 then make a daily payment of between $1 and $2 per day depending on the power rating and the capacity of the system.

The Pay as You Go model ensures flexibility of the payment and efficient uptake of solar powered portable generators into this growing market, where unreliable and inefficient electricity distribution makes diesel powered generators the most viable option even though solar powered portable generators are cheaper to operate and maintain, cost a little less for the initial investment and are environmentally friendly. Also, the solar powered generators are more efficient than the existing diesel-based generators.

This initiative essentially involves an innovation of an existing technology to allow it operate in the market due to several barriers that make it not fit in the dynamics of the current market. In India and China for example, there are millions of solar powered generators already in the market with government subsidy leading to more purchases yearly.
Solar Gen therefore aim to remove the existing barriers such as inefficient battery technology and high cost of solar powered mobile generators by incorporating a highly efficient and durable lithium-based battery technology and flexible payment system that enables the households and businesses to access reliable and adequate power supply that can be used for domestic purposes and powering businesses.

The initiative further enhances the uptake of the technology by allowing businesses such as construction and entertainment companies to rent some of the solar powered mobile generators at a cost of $3 per day.

The renting option is available to businesses and entities that require efficient and reliable power for temporary business purpose.
The key component of the solar powered portable generator is the use of lithium ion battery technology that is incorporated with the fast-charging system.

The system enables the portable generator to produce electricity even with short durations of sunlight. This therefore enhances the convenience of using the system because it does not require the solar panel to be mounted on the rooftop and the portable generators can also be used anywhere without the worry of the time needed to charge the battery.

The portable generators can therefore be used in rented houses within the off-grid households as well as highly mobile businesses that require movements from one place to another. The solar powered generators are also designed to produce a minimum power output of 1200 Whr which therefore means that they can be used continuously by businesses and households for 15hours when fully charged.

To ensure that it powers businesses that operate 24/7, there is an optional extra lithium battery of 842Ah power rating that will be provided to the businesses when they request. The extra battery will allow the business owners to swap the fully charged battery for continuous operation.