The future of Energy

Here at chemolox we are always working on innovative ways of bringing you clean energy.

Our Services

With a highly talented and enthusiastic team, Chemolex employs novel ideas and turn waste into eco-friendly solutions that target local customers that crave for cheap local solutions to their energy needs.

Solar Lamps

Chemolex lamps give intense light that can be used reading and lighting purpose in homes, schools, camping, field offices and many other palaces. 

Solar Panels

Chemolex Solar power modules provide some of the highest power density available in the market. We pride is great products for local solutions. 


Biofuels are most useful in liquid or gaseous form because they are easier to transport, deliver and burn cleanly.


We are facing a climate crisis: the IPCC 2018 Special Report on 1.5°C found that roughly a decade remains to keep global warming below this level and avoid the worst effects of climate change. Most countries are still subsidising the consumption of fossil fuels, and fossil fuel consumption subsidies increased 11% in 2017.

Supporting our communities

Opportunities are plentiful for increasing clean energy sources used in heating, cooling, and transport. Solar energy can meet heating demands in buildings, including through solar thermal water heaters, biomass boilers, and the use of heat pumps. In industries, Solar power can be used for industrial heating and cooling processes, such as food processing.

Provide access to energy

Chemolex provide access to energy quickly and at least cost. In many parts of the country, renewable sources of energy represent the lowest-cost source energy, and costs continue to decline. Solar PV has experienced the most rapid cost declines, as module prices have fallen more than 90% since 2010.

Combating climate change

The burning of fossil fuels for energy results in a significant amount of greenhouse gasses which when emitted causes global warming. Clean energy results in little to no emissions, even when considering the full life cycle of the technologies.

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