Introducing Chemolex

Introducing Chemolex

What we do

Africa is a continent that is rich in energy sources but poor in energy supply, presently, more than 130 million households depend on carbon emitting energy sources such as charcoal, paraffin and firewood.

More than 630 million households still do not have access to reliable electricity supply which has greatly hampered economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. The use of carbon-based energy sources such as firewood, charcoal, and kerosene has resulted in considerable environmental, health and economic challenges that currently requires urgent intervention.

Picture of Smoke from firewood in Kenyan Household

Our objective as a company is to meet the growing energy demand in Africa by providing clean, affordable and sustainable energy that not only used in basic energy needs such as cooking and lighting but also in powering economic activities in off-grid households.

Currently, we produce multi-purpose biofuel that is used in cooking, lighting and powering motor bikes which are the major mode of transport in many rural households.

Picture of the Company Bio-fuel Produced from the Invasive Water hyacinth Plant

Through this biofuel, we not only aim to provide clean and affordable energy for cooking and lighting but to power businesses such as motor bike transport and delivery services.

Our Model

Chemolex Company produces the water hyacinth from its plant that is based in western part of Kenya then supplies the biofuel directly to our designated agents where the target customers can access them.

We are in a process of building on online and sms based platform where customers can order our biofuel. Based on the model, we are able to reduce the supply chain thereby reducing the overall cost of the biofuel.

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