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Plastic Capture Device

Chemolex started the project in April by developing and installing two plastic interceptors in Kariobangi and Mathare sites. The plastic interceptors acted as pilot devices which helped the organization to determine the daily flow rate of plastic wastes in both River Ngong and Nairobi. The data on the daily amount of plastic wastes that were captured by the plastic interceptors were critical in developing the actual plastic capture device.

Based on an in-depth preliminary study, it was revealed that the different sections of river Nairobi and Ngong have varied hydrological and physical characteristic hence it was important to develop plastic capture devices that are specific for each of the project site. Installing the plastic interceptors were also critical in monitoring the security levels of the different sites. Also, by installing the plastic interceptors, we were able to develop close relationship with the surrounding riparian residents and earned their trust in the project through different community engagement that we conducted.

By utilizing the data from the two plastic interceptors, Chemolex Company have designed and developed the innovative plastic capture device that is currently being installed in River Nairobi at Kariobangi Site. The new plastic capture device consists of a conveyor system that will be powered by 4 Horse power 3 phase motor to automatically lift the captured plastic wastes from the river section.

The new plastic capture device will therefore eliminate the need to manually remove the captured plastic wastes from the river that normally results into health risks due to presence of toxic materials within the river section.

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