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Wajibika project is an initiative that was launched early 2020 inspired by a concern over the fast accumulating waste all around us that mostly end up in rivers largely as plastic waste. In a bid to offer solutions, Chemolex designed a plastic capturing device that will be stationed along Nairobi and Ngong Rivers.
This device ensures that plastic waste is captured and periodically removed by the youth working in these settlements where this programme in running that includes Kibera, Kariobangi and Tassia.

We realized that most plastic waste originates from households and industries. The #Wajibika initiative therefore seeks to influence behavior change by encouraging personal responsibility when it comes to waste.

Plastic pollution in rivers is a menace that can only be addressed sustainably if riparian households and industries are actively involved in proper management of plastic and other wastes at individual levels. To achieve this, we have introduced monthly clean up exercises in these informal settlements in a bid to create awareness on management of waste in general; while bettering our living spaces.

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