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Plastic Capture Device

According to the 2020 report by the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Authority, 90% of the 2500 tons of plastic wastes that flow into the Indian Ocean, comes from major rivers such as River Athi Galana. As a result of the dysfunctional solid wastes management within the informal settlements in major urban areas, all the wastes from the 1 million households are always deposited into the different sections of the river where they are transported directly to the marine environment.

Our mission is therefore to develop 200 innovative plastic capture devices by the end of 2025 which will trap and automatically remove plastic and other wastes flowing along the major river rivers in Africa. Through our partnerships with local youth and women groups, government agencies and private organizations, we aim to completely clean the African rivers through device installation in 100 rivers in developing countries, community training and outreach to ensure integrated waste management as well as sensitization and data focused targeted sensitization programs.

Our Plastic Capture Device on Site.